Committee wants to offer more services to northern cancer patients

A local group from this township wants to be more than just a driving force when it comes to helping those in need.
An organizational committee was recently formed to ad­dress changes by the Canadian Cancer Society that will change volunteer services in the area.
Mayor Mike Broomhead read a letter sent to him by Elsie Gibson, on behalf of the local group.
She wrote that “plans are underway to set up a charitable corporation which will provide services to area cancer pati­ents.”
Gibson explained that “The Can­adian Cancer Society has sponsored a program in this area for many years with a very successful volunteer driv­er ser­vice for cancer patients. For the past 20 years, Grace Copeland has efficiently and compassionately coordinated this service.
“Changes have [recently] been an­nounc­ed by the Canadian Cancer Society which make it impossible for the program to continue effectively in this area and an interested group of citizens [including Copeland] is well into the steps required to become incorporated as a charitable entity.
“It is our intention to continue the patient-driver service and to extend other services to cancer patients.
“We are taking on a huge responsibility and can only be successful if we have the support of the community and, in particular, yourself and members of council.
“We are writing to make you aware of our plans and to encourage you to speak on our behalf as you carry out your duties as mayor and councillors.”
The group’s first public meeting is at 2pm on Nov. 17 at Victoria Cross Public School, in Mount Forest.
Broomhead said he believes the group is looking for council’s endorsement and support of the project.
“I think it is a good thing they are doing and it is important that we go there,” he said.