City core was shut down by bomb scare

An explosives scare shut down the core of the city on May 12.

At approximately noon, Guelph Police started an investigation into a suspicious package found at a local busi­ness on upper Wyndham Street in the downtown area.

Sergeant Douglas Pflug re­ported police followed procedure and evacu­ated some businesses in the area. They closed down Wynd­ham Street between Quebec Street and Woolwich Street, as well as Baker Street and Chapel Lane.

Pflug said at 4:15pm police concluded that phase of the investigation and thanked everyone for their co­operation, including the Wat­erloo Regional Police Bomb Disposal Unit for its assistance.

Pflug said police obtained information that led officers to start a criminal investigation.

“It was during this investi­gation that we focused our attention on a package that was handled by Canada Post. In the interest of public safety, the Wat­erloo Regional Police Bomb Disposal Unit was con­tacted and called in to assist us in our investigation. The bomb unit was able to successfully destroy the package and the contents were found to not be an explosive.”

The package was seized as evidence.