Arsons spark search

GUELPH – City police and fire fighters respond to a fire on Grange on Aug. 19 at 11pm.

Police have been keeping an eye on that area due to several acts of arson.

Pflug said police were told by a resident on Grange Road that there was a strong smell of smoke in the area of Grange and Bradson Avenue. Police confirmed the smell of smoke in the area, and several  units were dispatched and the Guelph Fire Department attended as well, all attempting to locate the source of the smell.

After searching for almost an hour, a campfire was discovered near the dead end of Cityview Drive North. The responsible individuals were also located. The Guelph Fire Department issued a written warning on open fires within the city limits.

Pflug said police are considering laying charges.

He added that Guelph Police and Guelph Fire Department again remind everyone that open camp fires within of Guelph are prohibited without a permit.