Arena committee introduces donor recognition program

With a successful barbecue, dance and elimination car draw behind them, MAX committee is now moving to other projects.

And it is hoping a sponsorship recognition program that received the formal approval of council on Sept. 9 will add to the $20,000 raised at the car draw two weeks ago.

The “donor recognition catalogue,” submitted to council for ap­proval by the parks, culture, and recreation committee, outlines opportunities for sponsorships, including naming rights for different areas of the arena.

Atop the list is the opportunity to rename the entire facility for a donation of $100,000.

“The PMD Arena Complex is no longer who we are – we are Mapleton, and since the actual letters on the front facing wall are very likely to come down during the construction process, we felt it was the appropriate time to discuss renaming the facility,” MAX committee chair Dale Franklin said in a letter to council.

Other opportunities for sponsorship and naming rights include the following:

– $25,000 each for the ice pad and community hall;

– $15,000 for the new lobby;

– $10,000 each for the ice resurfacer, existing lobby, and concession stand;

– $8,000 for the board room;

– $5,000 for each new dressing room and for the penalty box/time keeper’s area;

– $2,500 for each existing dressing room; and

– $1,500 for the sound room.

Any sponsorships under $10,000 are to be paid in a lump sum, while  those be­tween $10,000 and $20,000 can be paid over three years, and those over $20,000 can be paid over five years.

Councillor Mike Downey asked if it is best to limit sponsorships to set amounts or allow people to “up the price,” similar to a private auction.

“I don’t really want to get into a bidding war,” Franklin replied, noting that way people might get hurt. Mayor John  Green noted that may happen regardless.

Franklin said the committee intends to recognize everyone who donates at least $1,000 on a donor wall, even if they do not secure naming rights.

Councillor Bruce Whale said his only concern is that renaming opportunities are limited, but said as long as everyone who donates at a certain level is recognized he is in favour of the idea.

“It’s not an exhaustive list,” Franklin said, explaining that if someone wants to sponsor something else, the committee would be open to that.

Council unanimously approved the recommendations of the Parks, Culture and Recreation Committee, including that all naming is to be approved by council.