WEB ONLY: Building report positive despite fewer permits

Building permits issued this year are down about 6% from the same period for 2008, but given the recession, township officials are pleased with that figure.

“That’s not too bad for the year to date, that’s for sure,” Mayor John Green said at a recent council meeting.

As of Aug. 1 the township had issued 192 permits this year, compared to 205 last year.

The overall value of the 2009 permits is just under $17.36-million, while the 2008 permits came in at just under $18.7-million. However, the fees generated by the township for those permits are higher this year ($145,558) than last ($144,074).

And July itself proved to be busier this year:

–  permits issued increased  25% from 36 in 2008 to 45 in 2009;

– value of construction was up 44% from almost $2.65-million to over $3.8-million; and

– township fees rose 23% from $22,678 to $27,889.