Varney Speedway Race Recap and Results for Saturday, June 26

Schwartzenburg Takes Checkers; First Repeat Winner In Stock 4 

The taste of victory has been shared by many so far this season at Varney Motor Speedway. The Stock 4 division had yet to see a repeat winner in 2010. While there was no question that eventually someone would claim their second win, the burning question was who. A few weeks ago, #82 Billy Schwartzenburg of Guelph picked up his first-ever feature race win at Varney and, after returning to the track he started on after a three season stint at Flamboro Speedway, Schwartzenburg has been one of the most consistent cars in the division over the first part of the season.

Starting from outside the front row on the heels of two heat race wins already on the night, Schwartzenburg took the green with #4 Zach Pendergast pacing the field from the pole position. Schwartzenburg would take the lead early and begin to pull away from the field. With the race in hand, caution on the speedway bunched the filed up for the restart but Schwartzenburg would take command once again on the restart. Another yellow flag slowed the pack as #86 Nick Clarke lost a tire coming out of turn two. In fact, there would be four yellow flags in total that would result in several of the series top drivers restart form the back. In the end, Schwartzenburg had done what he has done all season long. He stayed out of trouble, kept his nose clean, ran tight laps and, in the end, became the first repeat winner in the Stock 4 division. Yellow flags factored heavily in this race both during and after the drop of the checkered as the final standings were debated into the late hours of the night. Schwartzenburg would indeed remain the winner as #35 Tim Tolton of Guelph, #9 Tessa Cremasco of Arthur, #7 Charles Embro of Hanover and #09 Britton Lundy of Owen Sound filled out the top five. Heat races were won by Schwartzenburg (x2), Cremasco and Tolton.

Street Stock action was in high gear once again on this night. The heat races provided a ton of drama setting the table for a feature race that would not lack it’s share of tension. The front row consisted of #2 Justin Zettler on the pole with #06 Bill Keill alongside. Zettler would lead early but, it would be #19 Brian Wilson of Rockwood who would get by the leader and take over upfront. Close behind on Wilson’s tail, #99 Jamie Hunt and #93 Bill Cole also got by Zettler and the three would separate themselves from the rest of the bunch. Running nose to tail and single file for most of the race, Hunt would get alongside Wilson on a couple of occasions but could not make the pass stick. Cole bounced back and forth between Wilson and Hunt trying to decide who to follow but maintained the third spot. The top three kept the battle for the lead close and clean all race long but when the checkers flew, Wilson earned the win with Hunt, Cole, #3 Gary Atkinson and Keill rounding out the top five. Heat races were won by Hunt and #02 Randy Zettler.

The Super Street Stocks took the green with #85 Matt Clarke of Mt. Forest and points leader #64 Larry Cameron of Brampton on the front row. From the outside, Cameron would take the early lead and hold the top position for the first couple of laps. Marching to the front, #61 Chad Eden of Varney would get by Cameron and take over upfront and #83 Scott Way of Fergus would follow through into second. Eden and Way would start to pull away but, #72 Marty Monette of Hamilton would also squeeze into third and close in on the race leaders. The top three remained single file for the rest of the race but this was no cake walk. Eden had to drive perfect as Way and Monette were right behind and ready to pounce. When the checkers flew, it was Eden taking the win with Way, Monette, #84 Lance Sullivan of Fergus and Clarke rounding out the top five. Heat races were won by Monette and Eden.

2010 has been a rough start for Varney Late Model driver #63 Jim Bowman of Alma but patience paid off on this night and while Bowman did not win the feature, he did have his best night of the year picking up a heat race win and challenging in the main event. Starting from the pole position, Bowman alongside #12 Justin McLellan of Mt. Forest took the green. McLellan jumped out front and Bowman stayed close behind. The two would pull away from the pack until #89 Tommy Robb of Durham appeared to blow a right front tire coming out of turn two, got up into the backstretch wall and brought out the yellow flag. On the resart, Mclellan would resume the lead until the yellow came out again late in the race. This time, it was #81 Chris Van Dusen sparking this caution period. The Late Model points leader was not having the best of nights and after dropping fluid down the backstretch and spinning into turns three and four, Van Dusen would be done for the night. The race would end under caution with McLellan claiming the win. Bowman was strong finishing second with #09 Kent Nuhn of Williamsford third. Van Dusen was awarded fourth and Robb recovered from his earlier incident to finish fifth. Heat races were won Bowman and Nuhn.

The Hurricane Midgets made their first of two appearances in the 2010 season this past Saturday. Already a winner earlier in the night during the heat races, #7 Jeff Blackburn of Newmarket would take the greem from the pole position. Blackburn would jump out to the early lead but, #00 Glen Blaker of Dundalk would quickly reel the leader in. The yellow would come out for debris on the track as the filed bucnched back up for the restart. Blackburn was still leading on the restart with Blaker and #47 Brent McLean of Conn close behind. At the midway point of the race, the top four were starting to work their way through the back of the pack. It was here that the action upfront would heat up. Blaker would seemingly come out of nowhere to challenge Blackburn for the lead. Coming under the white flag, Blaker would pass for the lead as Blackburn followed close behind through turns one and two. Coming through the final two turns, Blaker; the race leader; would get pinched in behind a lapped car losing just enough momentum to allow Blackburn to get alongside. As the two race down the front stretch to the checkered flag, it would be Blackburn taking the win by mere inches. Blaker finished second. Heat races were won by Blackburn and Blaker. Over a dozen Hurricane Midgets started teh feature and the same turnout is expected when the series returns to Varney in two weeks time.

This weekend, Varney Motor Speedway is celebrating our Nation’s birthday with two nights of action on the highbanks. Fans are asked to wear red-and-white on Friday night as a rare date on the schedule sees the track’s regular racing divisions in a full card of invitational action with cars expected from tracks all over the province. Saturday has regular racing and the green flag drops at 7:00pm on both nights. For more information, a detailed schedule of events and much more, visit the tracks website at

Race Results – June 26, 2010



Pos Driver Car #

1 Billy Schwartzenburg 82

2 Tim Tolton 35

3 Tessa Cremasco 9

4 Charles Embro 7

5 Britton Lundy 09


Pos Driver Car #

1 Brian Wilson 19

2 James Hunt 99

3 Bill Cole 93

4 Gary Atkinson 3

5 Randy Zettler 02


Pos Driver Car #

1 Chad Eden 61

2 Scott Way 83

3 Marty Monette 72

4 Lance Sullivan 84

5 Matt Clarke 85

Varney Late Model – FEATURE

Pos Driver Car #

1 Justin McLellan 12

2 Jim Bowman 63

3 Kent Nuhn 09

4 Christopher VanDusen 81

5 Tommy Robb 89