Township looking into LCBO license for facilities

Well­ington North is still investigating a municipal LCBO license for its facilities.

One of the most recent reports noted the township’s recreation advisory com­mittee will invite Bill Nelson to talk about insurance issues.

Councillor Dan Yake said it has been a long, drawn out process. “Is it moving forward and how close are we to getting something?” he asked.

Councillor Bob Mason, chairman of the recreation committee, said, “I think we’re still a ways away.”

He added there are still insurance issues that need to be resolved.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said while the committee has heard from one group that has been successful, the recreation director has been asked to find someone to tell the other side of the story.

Councillor John Matusinec asked what format is being considered.

Mason said part of the issue is still up in the air.

Matusinec suggested if the change is done incorrectly “It would just ruin the rentals.”

Mayor Mike Broomhead said, “This is one of those decisions you have to put a lot of thought into and hear all sides, so you are making the right decision.”

He said the issue lends to licensing of dressing rooms and it lends to a whole range of issues that councillors will have to consider.

“But you are right … there are a certain number of ramifications,” the mayor concluded.