Township approves townhouses with special park features in place

Guelph-Eramosa council has approved a unique 18-unit townhouse de­velopment in southeast Rock­wood.
The Seaton Ridge Com­munities development will be located in the northern corner of the Seaton subdivision, off of Jolliffe Avenue.
The developer proposed two rows of townhouses – nine per side, in groups of four or five units – with private access from Alicia and Gabriel Lanes.
What makes the development different than most is that the townhouses will front onto a central half-acre landscaped area, located between the two rows, and owned by the township. At a meeting in January, councillor Doug Breen said he likes the ideas of the parkland but he wondered how people will know the area is public property and not owned by the developer.
Parks Manager Robin Milne said there will be signs identifying the land as township property.
Council approved the township planner’s recommendation that the site plan be approved, subject to a few minor conditions.