Townhouse development in Rockwood still awaiting final approval

ROCKWOOD – A townhouse development set for Rockwood is awaiting final approval.

The plan was set to be approved at an Aug. 8 council meeting, but a few housekeeping revisions has delayed the process.

North Rockwood Developments Inc. has submitted a site plan application, prepared by Astrid J. Clos Planning Consultants, for 5150 Wellington Road 27.

The proposal, located on the north side of Rockwood, includes 50 townhouse units, with 17 visitor parking spaces and an outdoor common amenity area.

Each of the dwellings would share the costs of the common elements, which include an internal private road, amenity area, visitor parking and the ongoing maintenance of those elements, the report to council noted.

Townhomes would front onto the private road – Donald Fraser Lane – with their own driveway and garage.

The plan also incorporates pedestrian walkways that connect with the neighbouring subdivision and school property to allow for access to nearby features.

Mayor Chris White noted there were a few administrative revisions to the site plan and councillor Corey Woods pointed out the report in the agenda was different than what was presented in the corresponding bylaw.

“The bigger issue I have is if I haven’t had a chance to read it, the general public hasn’t had a chance to read it,” said Woods, noting there is also a discrepancy with the site plan control agreement.

“If you’re going to pass something I think at the bare minimum you have to read it and comprehend it.”

Woods requested the motion be deferred to give council and the public time to read through any changes and ensure everything’s correct.

“We’ve been through a few subdivisions now and I’m sure this thing is perfectly fine,” White said.

“The difficulty is we do run into those scenarios that aren’t absolutely clear.”

White added, “I don’t think there’s any objections to the gist of this but because we’ve had issues with driveways and dust, etc., I think it’s incumbent upon us to be absolutely clean and clear going in when we approve this.”

Speaking to Woods’ comment on last minute revisions, even if administrative, White recognized the development will potentially impact a lot of people.

“It’s right in the middle of an existing subdivision so we want to make sure council’s 100 per cent clear what we’re passing and what we’re going to be able to do and manage as we go forward,” he said.

“So I’m sure it’s nothing major, but we would just like to get some clarity across the board on all the issues.”

Council passed a motion to defer final approval of the application to a subsequent meeting to ensure all elements within the agreement have been included.