Town engages new supplier for summer streetscape plant products

MINTO – With no local supplier available, the Town of Minto will purchase hanging baskets and planters for summer streetscapes from Huron Ridge Acres of Zurich.

A Nov. 7 report to council from Minto landscape coordinator Paul Judge noted that in recent years Minto’s hanging baskets, cube planters and urn inserts have been grown and supplied by a Minto company, Countryview Farms Greenhouse and Nurseries.

Judge noted the town has been informed the company won’t be supplying the items for the 2020 season.

“It’s a big change because we had a really good situation, but they wanted to retire,” commented Mayor George Bridge.

The report notes similar businesses operating within the Town of Minto were approached to gauge their interest and ability to produce these items.

“We were unsuccessful in locating such a business within the town at this time,” states the report.

For the 2020 season staff investigated sources  outside of the municipality, and received quotes from Listowel Greenhouses and Huron Ridge Acres.

“Both of these growers have experience producing municipal hanging baskets and planters,” the report states.

The report notes pricing received from both suppliers is comparable to costs for the same items in recent years.

It’s not a big part of our budget, but it’s a big part of our impact that everyone sees,” Judge told council.

“There is no written or verbal agreement with either business that a contract would necessarily extend beyond 2020.

“However, the intent is that a positive relationship is developed and that continuity may be established over multiple years.”

The report continues, “Going forward, first consideration will be given to any business within the Town of Minto that should become a viable option to provide these items.”

The town authorized staff to purchase the products from Huron Ridge Acres for the quoted price of $10,170 plus HST. The report indicates the price is within budget and lower than the competing quote of $15,820.