Sunflower tour final tally exceeds $13,000 for Wheels of Hope

MAPLETON – A finally tally of $13,800 was raised at the Shine Your Light Sunflower Tour for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope foundation.

The event, which featured walks through a 20-acre sunflower field, a petting zoo, craft market and more, was held at the farm of Matt and Leona Ottens near Moorefield on Aug. 15 and 16.

Wheels of hope provides funds for volunteer drivers to get patients to their chemotherapy or radiation treatments and other appointments at the cancer centre.

“Matt and I want to give a huge shout out to all volunteers who made this possible and helped the day go smoothly. To all of the supporters that donated,” Leona stated in a Sept. 2 press release.

Matt and Leona Ottens recently presented the proceeds, $13,800, from the Shine Your Light Sunflower Tour, held on their Moorefield-area farm in August to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope foundation. Submitted photo

“We also want to give a special heartfelt thanks to the members on the committee with us. Thank you, Marlene Ottens, Dale Franklin, Rachel Eschlboeck, Meg Yates and Tate Driscoll.”

She continued, “The less energy you have to exert when in the fight the better. Where is the money for parking coming from if you are not working? Will you feel good enough that day to make the walk back to the parking lot after you have had treatment? How much is this all going to cost? How are you supposed to get gas when you are immune compromised?

“All these questions and more are what we realized a lot going through this ask themselves.”

The Ottens said they are grateful for the community that supported them through Matt’s successful battle with cancer.

“Everyone is so worthy of getting the care they need to get better. Not only are they worthy of the care, they are worthy of doing it with less stress,” said Leona.

“Wheels for Hope protects some energy of patients so that they can stare cancer in the face and continue their journey.”

Leona thanked everyone who attended and those who supported the event even though they could not attend during the fundraising weekend.

“We look forward to seeing you next year,” she added.