Slow down: certain Centre Wellington roads to see speed reductions

ELORA – The township will pay $50,000 for new speed limit signs now that township staff have identified roads where speeds need to be changed.

Staff presented a speed limit policy and technical approach to council in September, and in April presented a list of 41 high-priority road segments that would be safer with lower speeds.

Several roads will go from 50 to 40km/h in built-up areas and from 80 to 60km/h in rural areas.

Adam Gilmore, manager of engineering, said at the committee of the whole meeting on June 20 that the speed limit policy will be a living document and will be reviewed annually. 

Residents are encouraged to report unsafe road conditions and excessive speeding on the township website, and staff will use this, along with other data, to review speed limits, assess speeding concerns and implement speed reduction measures.

“This is the last step in the technical approach,” Gilmore said. “In the future changes can be made annually.”

Gilmore said the $50,000 in funding is for signs and posts – and not for electronic speed display signs. They cost $40 to $60 each; most of that cost is labour and it will be done by township staff.

Mayor Kelly Linton said the county roads committee is very interested in the technical, data-driven approach Centre Wellington is taking.

“They are looking at what Centre Wellington is doing with great interest,” he said.

Roads not identified with lower speed limit signs default to 50km/h in built-up areas and 80km/h in rural areas.

A full report was presented to council at the April 19 committee of the whole meeting. The specific roads are listed in attachment two.

Additional roads were added to the list and presented to council on June 20. Attachment two lists the additions.