Skyline Living and Skyline Group of Companies win two Rental Housing Awards

GUELPH – Skyline Living and Skyline Group of Companies have earned two industry awards at the recent Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) Marketing, Achievement and Construction (MAC) Awards, celebrating the “best in the biz” in Ontario’s rental housing industry.

“FRPO is the largest organization of its kind in Canada, representing the largest and most accomplished rental housing providers from coast to coast and often well beyond,” said R. Jason Ashdown, chief sustainability officer of Skyline Group of Companies.

“The MAC Awards are a showcase of excellence in our industry, where we can celebrate some very well-deserved and well-intentioned successes,” he added. “These awards are recognition from our industry and from our peers for setting the bar high.”

Skyline Living is delighted to announce that they have won the newest award introduced this year – the Impact Award, which recognizes a rental housing provider that has achieved extraordinary social outcomes related to one initiative or project in Ontario.

“We have always believed that everyone needs a helping hand in difficult times,” said BJ Santavy, vice president of Skyline Living. “We’re here to challenge the often negative perception of rental housing providers and prove that they do care deeply about their tenants.

“We’re leading the way with our R.I.S.E. tenant assistance program and are proud to see this initiative being recognized by the industry,” she added.

“Our hope is that our peers will see the inherent value in a program that focuses on supporting and retaining our valued tenants and that it will become an industry standard.”

Skyline Group of Companies proudly took home the Environmental Excellence Award for demonstrating excellence in environmental stewardship and a commitment to greener rental communities in the areas of energy and water conservation, waste management, net zero/positive developments, or other sustainable initiatives.

“Businesses like ours might typically be hesitant to share our successes—our ’secret ingredient’ —with the competition, for fear of seemingly giving away our edge,” noted Ashdown.

“However, we have learned a lot from our peers over the years, and I believe that as an industry we can achieve great things if we all work together. Innovation is critically important. We can always do better if we choose to.”

Skyline Group of Companies was also a finalist for the Community Service Award of Excellence (Rental Housing Provider), while Skyline Living was a finalist in an additional two categories: Leasing Professional of the Year – Vicki Peterson and Resident Manager(s) of the Year – Sergio Ortiz and Adriana Gutierrez.