Skate for Haiti runs this Sunday at arena

Everyone is invited to join in the fun and excitement to the wind-up of the Olympics at the Clifford arena this Sunday, and dona­tions will contribute to relief efforts for Haiti.

Paul Wightman, President of Wightman Telecom, had the honour of participating in the Torch Run Dec. 28 in Owen Sound. He walked into Olym­pic history as runner 143.

His uniform and torch have been on display in the Royal Bank in Clifford, as well as in Hanover, and they will become a part of the celebrations at the arena.

People can have their photo on film sporting the uniform and holding the torch.

Once the photos are ready, they will available at the Royal Bank in Clifford the following week.

Another highlight will be the chance to skate with Paisley Perrie, a speed skater from Harriston. She has high hopes to reach the medal podium someday.

Donations will be accepted at the door, official tax receipts will be issued by the Red Cross with donations over $10, or people can simply toss a dona­tion into the bucket.

The booth will be open during the afternoon of skating between 3:30 and 6pm.

The event is being hosted by the Clifford Recreation Association (CRA) and it has pledged to match the donations gathered that day. Contact Randy Ruetz at 519-327-8025 or 519-327-8358 for further information.

All the money will be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross.