Residents offer opinions on cenotaph relocation

No decision has been made, but the idea of moving Palmerston’s cenotaph has divided opinions in the community here.

On Feb. 17, councillors reviewed correspondence from Robert S. Cherry. He wrote that the monument has existed in its current location for nine decades.

“Citizens from every section of town view it daily while going to the post office, the library, and the main business area. he stated. “The situation of the cenotaph has been re­vered for many years in its present location. It is just a short block from the main business area. Why change it.

“Most believe it should be left alone and remain where it is. Change should not take place for the sake of change.”

Mayor David Anderson said there has been quite a lot of correspondence regarding the issue.

He cited an e-mail from a woman in Ayton whose great-great uncle’s name is on the cenotaph, who felt the move into a better location where it is more visible would be all the better for future generation.

“It’s kind of funny how the comments are all coming in,” the mayor said.

Anderson added that more research is needed, including contacting more relatives of those named on the cenotaph.

Comments from the recent public meeting will also be taken into account.

He said based on informa­tion re­ceived, the committee will make a recommendation to council.