Quarry firm controls more land near Rockwood

BRUCEDALE – A group of residents is alarmed at the possibility of a future expansion to the “hidden quarry” just east of Rockwood if James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL) is allowed to proceed with its initial aggregate extraction plan.

The Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) is currently fighting the quarry proposal at a Local Planning Appeals Tribunal hearing at the Guelph-Eramosa Township council chambers.

After JDCL vice-president Greg Sweetnam gave initial testimony about the need for dolomite stone, he was cross-examined by CRC lawyer Chris Barnett.

In a media release, CRC said Sweetnam stated, in reply to a question, that his firm has control of 200 acres west of the hidden quarry lands, closer to Rockwood.

CRC has expressed concern in the past that the hidden quarry could be the first of many pits in the area.

The group said the 200 acres includes farmland, woodlands and wetlands on Eramosa’s 6th Line, with a heritage stone house, a log cabin and some 19th century barns.

‘Grout curtain’ required

Testimony from JDCL witnesses is continuing, including acoustical engineer Rob Rimrott and blasting engineer Robert Cyr.

JDCL hydrogeologist Stan Denhoed gave extensive testimony, including the need for a “grout curtain” that would be drilled into the ground to prevent a nearby wetland from draining.

The hearing is expected to last into July.