Puslinch passes property bylaw

In recent months several Puslinch residents have hired a private company to bring in fill to their properties, causing community concern for safety as well as for the impact on local roads.
In response, Puslinch council has passed a bylaw to regulate the alteration of property.
The bylaw states that no person shall dump fill on, remove topsoil from, or alter the grade of any land in the township without first obtaining a site alteration permit from the chief building official.
The bylaw also grants the CBO the power to conduct inspections and, if the applicant is in contravention of any part of the application or bylaw, to issue a “cease and desist” or removal order.
Public Works Superintendent Jim Howlett said the township could document the condition of roads before such projects are started and again after they are completed, and then charge individuals for any damage to the roads.
Mayor Brad Whitcombe said the whole idea of the bylaw is “not to be punitive” or to prevent landowners from making changes to their property, but to protect the township’s assets and be fair to everyone involved.