Puslinch council seems in favour of library deal

Other than a few minor changes, Puslinch councillors are generally in favour of a proposed cost sharing agreement with the county for the new library here.

Items to be 100% covered by the county include property survey costs, landscaping and  fire alarm and security costs.  Those totally covered by the town­ship include property main­tenance, parking lot snow plowing and maintenance and solid waste disposal.

The township and county will split costs for water and sewer services based on the number of fixtures at the lib­rary (15) and the township’s new multi-use recreational facility (21).

Sampling of the water system will be completed by the township, with analysis of the test billed to the county.

Both parties will pay 50% of the cost for fire protection tanks on the premises.

Expenses for building, contents and liability insurance, as well as telephone, fax and in­ternet, will be covered 100% by the county, except for the portion for the 200-square-foot Puslinch Historical Society office, which will be paid by the township.

The county will also bill the township for janitorial, hydro, and heating costs (3.5% each of the county’s actual costs) for the historical society office, which will be leased – initially for five years – by the township.

Councillor Matthew Bul­mer asked why the county would be charging the 3.5% for costs associated with the historical society office, when the township is covering 100% of the bill for snow removal.

He explained it won’t cost the county any additional mon­ey to heat the society office, so if the county’s charging for those costs, he said perhaps the township should charge for snow removal.

Mayor Brad Whitcombe said township staff would take that suggestion back to the county.

Councillor Dick?Visser said he still stands by a previous objection to the process for the library – that Puslinch councillors weren’t involved enough – but he thinks the agreement is reasonable.