Phone books and snowblowers don’t mix

Phone books and snowblowers do not mix.

And it’s a challenge to find the right number to call to complain, when the complaint is about phone books in snowbanks chewed up by snowblowers.

In what seems to be an annual occurrence in many municipalities, councillor John Matusinec brought to light his concerns over the distribution of certain materials, such as phone books and some papers, being dropped off in laneways.

He was not certain whose jurisdiction it falls under – but the papers fly all over town. The phone books ended up stuck in snowblowers.

“Not only did it happen to me, but four of my neighbours. It’s just not right,” Matusinec  said.

He added that other Newspapers are placed in mailboxes.

“But it’s no way to deliver telephone books in a snowstorm … to have them sit in a driveway and get covered in snow.”

Matusinec said there is also a small publication thrown in driveways that makes quite a mess.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said a letter could be written to Bell Canada to find out who distributed the phone books.

Matusinec believes something needed to be done.

“It’s nothing short of littering,” he said. “You can’t just throw things in people’s driveways.”

Councillor Ross Chaulk noted he has had to pick chunks out of his snowblower as well.