Minto joins program to help local businesses get online

MINTO – To help support local small businesses, the Town of Minto is joining the ShopHERE powered by Google program. The  goal is getting many of local businesses online this year.

ShopHERE, which started in the City of Toronto, helps independent businesses and artists build a digital presence and minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, Google Canada announced a one million dollar investment to enable Digital Main Street to expand the program to municipalities across the country, offering more businesses and artists the opportunity to build their own online store.

The program is now available to small businesses in Minto. Local businesses and artists can apply for the program at to get their online store built at no-cost.

“LaunchIt Minto and the Minto Chamber of Commerce knows how important it is to have support for business especially now. We strive to provide quality training and access to resources for our business community,” local officials state in a June 22 press release. “Working with Digital Main Street in the past has been a huge asset to many Minto businesses so we encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity and get your business online,” the release states.