Minto directs downtown revitalization funds to Clifford streetscaping efforts

Funding from a new provincial program aimed at helping municipal governments with main street revitalization will be directed to a streetscaping project in Clifford.

At the April 10 meeting, Minto treasurer Gordon Duff explained the town is eligible for $45,326 from the fund, aimed at providing support for small business.

There are two streams of funding: one that funds initiatives through an existing Community Improvement Plan (façade or building rehab work) and a second regarding municipal physical infrastructure.

Eligible costs incurred between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2020 qualify for up to 100% funding.

As Minto covers the town’s Community Improvement Plan through its economic development budget, Duff  recommended the town apply under the municipal physical infrastructure stream.

He noted one of Minto’s top priorities for 2018-19 is to enhance the streetscape of downtown Clifford.

“This is to help make the environment more attractive for small businesses. So coincidently our main project is the reconstruction of Clifford downtown this year,” Duff pointed out.

The treasurer said the $43,326 in program funding could be put toward about $163,000 worth of eligible expenses within the Clifford project, such as decorative street lighting, bollards, street furniture, trees and landscaping.

Council received the report and authorized the mayor and clerk to sign a funding agreement with the province.