Looking back

The Town of Erin Heritage Committee, along with the County of Wellington Museum and Archives, hosted an Erin Heritage Evening Sept. 26 at the municipal office. The public and committee members highlighted some artifacts that they brought in prior to a presentation by Hailey Johnston (above), the county curator. Johnston’s brought an eclectic mix of artifacts from the early part of the history of Erin right up recent times. They included artifacts from Steens Dairy, local farmers and the equestrian sector. Also on display was a compass belonging to John Wilson Burt Sr., who was a surveyor in Erin Township, was the oldest artifact. It was made by Daniel Dod of New Jersey about 1820. There was also a pair of ornate shoes belonging to Miss Kate Hamilton (b. 1865-1866) who lived in Erin. According to Kate’s niece, she would toss these shoes out her window, leave the house in plain footwear, and change her shoes once outside so that her mother did not suspect where she was going.  Submitted photo