Local participation in Elmira Shiai 2009

On Sunday, Nov. 15, students from Gorge Karate Dojo travelled to an event hosted by the Elmira Karate Dojo. 

This event, or Shiai in Japanese, is a tournament where students test their skills in three different areas: Kata, Kumite (sparring) and Kobudo (weapons).

Winners from Elora are: Natalia Van Esch – 1st Kata PeeWee Kids (6 & under) Yellow Belt; Molly Farquhar – 1st Kumite Junior Kids (7-9 yrs) Yellow Belt; Annie Farquhar – 1st  Kata Senior Kids (10-12 yrs) Yellow Belt; Mackenzie Nelson – 1st  Kumite Junior Kids Orange Belt; Blair Bauman – 3rd Kumite Junior Kids Orange Belt; Andrew Gardner – 3rd Kumite Senior Kids Orange Belt; Francesca Van Esch – 1st Kata and 3rd Kobudo Junior Kids Green Belt; Alex Rock – 2nd Kumite Senior Kids Green Belt; Michael Corbett – 3rd Kumite Senior Kids Green Belt; Susan Stimpson – 1st Kumite Women (adults 16+) Green Belt; Ethan Aguirre – 2nd Kata Senior Kids Brown Belt; Philippe Campbell – 1st Kata Teens (13-15 yrs) Brown Belt; Ret Giles – 1st Kumite, 1st Kobudo and 2nd Kata Teens Brown Belt ;Nathan Beer – 3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite and 3rd Kobudo Teens Brown Belt;  Tiffany Morris – 1st Kumite Women Brown Belt. For more information on Gorge Karate Dojo and Canadian Naha-te Goju Karate please visit www.cngk.ca.