Industrial lot sold in Palmerston

A local business is planning to move to the Palmerston Industrial Park.

At the June 8 meeting council authorized the sale of a one-acre parcel of land to Metzger Heating.

The purchase price for the land, on the newly-opened Noble Road section of the park, is $15,000.

Business and economic manager Belinda Wick-Graham noted in a report to council that although Minto raised the price of industrial land from $15,000 per acre on March 22, owner Jeremy Metzger had provided a formal expression of intent to purchase the land on Feb. 26.

At the March 6 meeting, council directed staff to proceed toward an Agreement of Purchase and Sale under previous pricing of $15,000 per acre.

Wick-Graham’s report states Metzger Heating Ltd. plans to construct a 7,000 square foot, three-bay building with office fronts for the purpose of housing their business and renting two units.

The report notes the lot being purchased is zoned M2 light industrial with a site-specific M1-30 designation.

“Once the lot transfer takes place the development will require formal site plan approval before a building permit can be issued. Mr. Metzger has outgrown the current space he is leasing and is prepared to begin construction quickly. He is requesting to begin construction this summer,” the report states.

“Jeremy’s keen to get started on building this as quickly as he can,” said Wick-Graham.