IN MEMORIAM – May 31, 2008 – Hopkins, Eunice Jean

IN   MEMORIAM – May 31, 2008
Hopkins, Eunice Jean
My Little Lady
Stopped loving me,
May 31st, 2007.

There are memories filled with love,
There are memories  flowing with laughter.
There are memories  plain and simple,
And  memories, too, of disaster.

There are memories of long, long ago.
Of the day we were first to meet.
I remember the twinkle in her eyes,
She was cute, she was petite, she was neat.

Her face never tarnished with make-up,
Her broad smile always lacking deceit.
It was broad, double dimpled,  ever-ready,
For any, and all, whom she happened to meet.

It took her four years to persuade me,
To tie the  nuptial knot, for keeps.
When  presenting herself in her birthday suit,
There were cute dimples,  on all four cheeks.

Life was filled with love, and with laughter,
She was happy, with simple God given joys.
With care she nursed each of our family.
First a girl, then along came three boys.

But two of our boys predeceased her,
Fatal accidents, robbed them of their dreams.
The oldest, by car, in his mid twenties,
By snowmobile , the youngest, mid teens.

Her faith remained strong tho grief-stricken,
With the taking so young hard to face.
Like a pillar of stone she stood stalwart,
While I was totally, a basket case.

She was small but she was mighty,
Determined, patient, and firm.
From her totally unbiased opinions,
The whole world has a lot to learn.

She demanded only the plain and  simple,
Throughout the entire length of her life.
I  felt I was  exceptionally lucky,
For fifty-two years she was my wife.

She was happy while in her garden,
She loved the dandelion as well as the rose.
It was not an unusual picture,
To see a blossom being sniffed by her nose.

She often hummed songs in the kitchen,
While preparing vegetables, she had grown.
The number of pies and cookies  baked,
In large quantities, will never be known.

It’s been now a full year since she parted,
And at times it seems she’s still near.
Yet emotional reality runs vivid,
Releasing that withheld  fickle tear.

But magical friendship transcends distance,
Making major adjustments easier to face.
She remains unique and irreplaceable,
No-one, ever, could fulfill her place.

I’m still surrounded by many fond memories,
Of  both she and the ones that she loved.
Her hunger for life was contagious.
I’ll wait to join her, and the boys, up above.

She was, uncomplicated, interesting, certain,
With no quiver of hesitation in her voice,
She lived a life where the Ten Commandments
Were front and forward; not  multiple choice.

Take care, ‘cause we care.


Barrie Hopkins