Harriston Skating club recognition

Although for some 50 years might seem like a long time, the Harriston Skating Club continues to bring the community together.

Minto councillors recently congratulated representatives of the Harriston Skating Club for achieving 50 years in the community.

Recreation Director David Stonley said two club representatives were at the meeting to make a presentation. That presentation was a repeat performance of the one given to councillors who attended the 50th anniversary carnival.

It recognized the support of Minto to the club past, present, and future.

Mayor David Anderson ex­pressed his regret at being unable to attend that event. “I hear it was a great success.”

Anderson said, “When an organization can stay around in a small municipality like this for 50 years, it shows the strength of that organization and what it takes to keep it going. I know you ladies weren’t around 50 years ago, but you are following up some pretty good predecessors. You are heading a path for the future, and I wish you the best.” He also presented a certificate of appreciation from Minto, recognizing the group’s service to the community.

“We will help whenever we can,” Anderson said.

Stonley too, recognized the 50 years of excellence for the group. “It just speaks of what they do for the youth of Minto. I commend them for their efforts.”