Guelph/Eramosa council paid $146,750 in 2022

BRUCEDALE – Guelph/Eramosa council was paid a total of $146,762 in 2022.

That is up from $144,106 in 2021, but less than the total remuneration paid in 2020 ($150,500).

Details of council remuneration, expenses and attendance were presented in an annual report on March 6.

The salary for Mayor Chris White was $41,671, while councillors Corey Woods, Mark Bouwmeester and Bruce Dickieson all were paid $25,399.

Steven Liebig, who began his term on March 21, 2022, was paid $18,384.

Louise Marshall only attended one council meeting in 2022, on Jan. 19.

Guelph/Eramosa council agenda image


She was absent for both February council meetings and then resigned on March 7 for medical reasons. She was paid $6,096.

White received $1,208 for mileage and travel expenses and $405 for conference meals and parking expenses, up from a total of $680 for expenses in 2021.

Woods was paid $396 for mileage and travel expenses, with no expenses for conferences.

Bouwmeester was paid $631 for mileage and travel expenses and $756 for conferences.

Dickieson and Marshall did not receive compensation for any expenses.

White, Woods, Bouwmeester and Dickieson were present for every meeting in 2022.

Liebig was absent for two meetings in December.