‘Get In Touch For Hutch – Front Porch Festival’

KENILWORTH – Wellington North council was informed that Get in Touch for Hutch is planning a new direction for 2020.

On Aug. 26, council recieved a letter from Susan O’Neill about the proposed Get In Touch For Hutch – Front Porch Festival set for June 20, 2020.

O’Neill  said that since 2013 the Canada Day “Get in Touch for Hutch” 1K & 5K event has been well received.

“Looking ahead to next year we would like to change our approach considerably. Myrna [Hutchison], chairman of ‘Get In Touch for Hutch’ Committee, will be focussing on organizing 12 events that have a focus on mental health.”

O’Neill stated, “Rather than hold our annual race event, we’d like to organize a Front Porch Festival”. They will organize four to five homeowners and a similar number of musical groups. 

“The musical group would set up on individual front porches and play two 30 to 45-minute sets of music. Attendees would arrive with their lawn chairs and sit on homeowners’ front or side lawns and listen to music.”

O’Neill said not all of the details have been organized.

There would be no admission charge and no alcohol.

Attendees would receive a map/overview of who is playing where. “If they choose – they could listen for ten minutes, pick up their lawn chair and walk to the second location to listen to the music there.” The letter was sent to council seeking its approval – however there was no discussion other than to accept the correspondence.

“Music and the support of community are two very strong therapeutical components in supporting someone struggling with mental health concerns. We appreciate all you have done to support our race event over the previous years and are certainly thankful for your consideration of this new initiative.”A sample itinerary of the proposed event is as follows: June 20, 1 to 4pm with a 5pm fish fry, dance and wrap up of the day’s events.

O’Neill said she can be reached by email at susan_oneill@cooperators.ca or at 519-824-4400, ext. 302234. 

O’Neill added that “Myrna and I could also make ourselves available to be present at an upcoming Wellington North council meeting, should that be of assistance.”