Forrest Memorial tournament has extra fundraiser this year

The annual Mary Lynne Forrest Memorial golf tournament will have an added fundraiser this year. 

Gracie Bell is the 5-year old daughter of Sheree and Adam Bell, of Minto, and she will be cutting and donating her hair to raise funds for the tournament named for her nana..

She is cutting her ponytail for Angel Hair, and the sponsorship money will go to the tournament that will be held on July 21 at Pike Lake golf centre.

The tournament is held annually in memory of Gracie’s nana. Gracie decided a while ago to cut her hair and she and her mom decided it would be a great idea to wait and use the event to raise money for the tourna­ment.

Over the past five years the tournament has raised over $340,000 for two local hospitals, Mount Forest Louise Marshall and Palmerston District. In previous years the tournament has helped with the cost of the cancer unit at the Mount Forest hospital.

Two years ago, the funds helped get the dialysis unit running in Palmerston. Last year the funds went to purchase an echocardiogram machine for the Mount Forest hospital. This year the funds raised will purchase a by-phasic defibril­lator for the Palmerston hos­pital.

The by-phasic defibrillator sends less electricity through the body and is much safer than the one the hospital has now.

Gracie will donate her ponytail to Angel Hair for Kids. It provides quality wigs and hair replacements to financially disadvantaged children who have experienced medical hair loss. It takes  10 to 12 ponytails to make one wig for one of these children.

If anyone is interested in donating money to the cause, send cheques to: Gracie Bell, RR 1, Harriston, Ont., N0G 1Z0

Cheques may be payable to the Mary Lynne Forrest Memorial Tournament.