Firefighters selected best posters in county for fire prevention

The Well­­­­ington Dufferin Mutual Aid Association held its annual banquet here and the Well­ington Dufferin Fire Pre­ven­tion Officers Association again had its annual Fire Prevention Safety Poster competition.

The competition runs from Kindergarten to grade 8 in all schools. The criteria is  a fire prevention message on how to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

The entries are judged locally by the individual fire departments and then the win­ners from each grade are then moved on to the county compe­tition.

There were many beautiful posters again this year and unfortunately there can be only one chosen per grade.  All of the winners and their family were invited to  the banquet where their posters were dis­played for all of the fire departments in both counties to view.

The winners each received a plaque honouring their achieve­ment and a perfor­mance from Daring Derek the magician.