Facilities, family health team make Drayton area attractive

Rural areas like Mapleton have a lot to offer prospective health professionals.

That was the message Shirley Borges and Alison Armstrong brought to township council last week during an update on the efforts of the Minto-Mapleton Health Professional Recruitment Committee.

In particular, Borges said students “love” the new medical clinic and Drayton, as well as the electronic records system there and that a Family Health Team is in place in the area.

Armstrong added the breadth of experience nurses can get at a place like Palmerston and District Hospital – where they work in different fields as opposed to just one department in more urban areas – is also valuable experience and could help them decide on a future specialty.

Borges also noted three nurse practitioners are currently employed by the Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team, choosing to stay in the area through the Grow Your Own Nurse Practitioner program.

She said in a letter to council that the financial assistance of the township – $10,000 annually over the last few years – has helped “market and promote our community as an excellent place to learn and practice health care.”

Borges is hoping the township again agrees to the $10,000 contribution, to help with the recruitment of health professionals. That amount is currently included as part of the 2011 township budget, though the budget has yet to be approved by council.