Erin/Hillsburgh community clean-up on this weekend

ERIN – Looking to get volunteer hours, win prizes or just help the environment?

You can find all of that at the Erin/Hillsburgh community clean-up this weekend.

The event, organized by the Town of Erin’s environment and sustainability advisory committee, will run this Saturday, July 24, from 9am to 12pm.

Volunteers can convene at the station at Erin’s Valumart or Hillsburgh’s Victoria Park to pick up bags, gloves and snacks.

Students looking to get their volunteer hours are encouraged to come out.

Volunteers are asked to collect the trash and bring it to the Sanderson Disposal bin at either Valumart or Foodland.

While at the event, volunteers can also meet Rocky, the environmental pup, from 9 to 10am at Valumart.

Raffle tickets will be available for prizes like gift cards from Bistro Dupain, Busholme, and Debora’s Chocolates or an Erin T-shirt. There will also be a free barbecue for members coming out to volunteer.

The event is sponsored by Sanderson Disposal, Marc’s Valumart, Hillsburgh Foodland, the Optimists, Leitch’s Truck and Equipment Services, Erin Garden Club, Matt Henderson, Delights, Bistro Dupain, O’Connor Contracting, the Town of Erin, Amorettos, Kennedy Custom Insulation, AAA Events, Naydo’s Potatoes, Deborah’s Chocolates and the Busholme.