Erin community presents virtual historical scavenger hunt

ERIN – Volunteers from the community have pieced together a virtual historical scavenger hunt.

The online project comes as a result of not being able to gather due to the pandemic. Several residents of Erin also provided help in relating their personal experiences.

The adventure can be completed either virtually or by actually walking the routes. It is a family-friendly adventure that will test participant’s knowledge of the history of the Village of Erin.

There are three routes to explore: Main Street’s business area, Main Street’s residential area and a Stanley Park Walk.

Those choosing the virtual route can complete the hunt on their own or join up with a friend or family member. Groups can do it side by side on one computer, over the phone or over video chat.

Those who choose the walking route are asked to  adhere to the social distancing rules set out by the government.

Make sure to bring supplies such as phone or tablet, water, snacks, paper and pencil.

The adventure is divided into several sections. For those walking, each section should take about 30 to 45 minutes. Participants can combine the whole adventure into one walk by selecting them in order.