Erin adopts strategic plan

ERIN – At its Sept. 3 meeting, town council adopted a strategic plan that will guide decisions through to 2023 as the municipality prepares for substantial residential and business growth.

“The strategic plan is a true reflection of the future-ready approach that has been instilled in the corporation and will continue to be a force as the town continues to flourish and grow,” said a press release issued after the meeting.

Council’s decision was made following an extensive consultation period, including a public survey, an open public comment period and two council and staff workshops.

The town retained the services of Global Attraction Investment Group and Sierra Planning and Management to create a plan that “encompasses the voice of residents, while creating a prosperous, healthy, environmentally progressive community”.

The plan will help guide the direction of council and staff, beyond the current term of council.

It outlines the town’s vision, mission and core values, while identifying the most important priorities and goals for the future.

Mayor Allan Alls asked that the plan and each action be reviewed annually to ensure the town is continuing in the desired direction.

“I really like the plan – it is very clear and easy to identify what we want to do.”

Councillor Mike Robins asked if the amounts of money needed for various strategic plan actions will be identified prior to 2020 budget sessions in December.

CAO Nathan Hyde said staff are now working on that.

Councillor Rob Smith said, “It is a living document and it can be tweaked.”

The five strategic pillars highlighted through the Town of Erin Strategic Plan, are: growth management, economic prosperity, healthy lifestyle and vibrant community, service excellence and good governance; and investment in community assets.

“This strategic plan was created with an emphasis on service excellence and a focus on the future as we work towards becoming a leading municipality,” said Hyde.

“It encompasses our innovative future, while preserving our unique small-town feel,” said Alls.

“Thank you to staff and the public who took the time to contribute their input in this plan.”

A draft of the plan was presented to councillors on June 18 by John Tennant of Global Investment Attraction Group.

“The strategic plan will provide a future course, a framework going forward, a road map if you wish,” said Tennant.