ECT announces 2009-10 season

Remember “that summer” that changed our lives forever?

How does a girl prove to her parents she’s grown-up?

“Who am I?” asks a runner who collapses in the Boston Marathon?

Those mysterious questions will be answered for patrons of the Elora Community Theatre (ECT) during its 2009-2010 theatre season. 

Opening its new season in November is That Summer, directed by Julie Wheeler-Bryant.  It is set in the summer of 1958 at a little cottage in southern Ontario. It’s about family and young love and how lives would never be the same. Open the old family photo album of the 1950s, listen to nostalgic tunes of the hit par­ade, while the waters of the lake lap against the dock … and remember “that summer.”

In February, Bronwyn Allen Hill directs Having Hope at Home. What’s a girl to do when she wants to prove to her parents that she’s a grown-up, fully capable of carrying through with a plan? Of course – she invites them to a full turkey dinner with herself and her fiancé, and her grandfather.  That she is nine months pregnant and just gone into labour should not deter her.  Should it? The show is warm and funny that also explores family dy­namics

ECT’s final show of the season, I Take This Man, opens in May and is directed by Michelle Kreitzer.

When a runner in the Boston Marathon collapses at the feet of a woman impressed with his good looks, she has him gathered up and taken to her nearby apartment. Unfortu­nately for him, when he regains consciousness, he doesn’t re­member just who he is.

The enterprising young lady tells him he is her husband.  And then the fun begins.

The play is the rollicking farce from Jack Sharkey. 

Tickets for That Summer, running Nov. 13 to 15 and 19 to 21; Having Hope at Home, Feb. 5 to 7 and 11 to 13; and I Take This Man, May 7 to 9 and 13 to 15 are available through the box office at the Fergus Grand Theatre.

Visit fergusgrandthe­ for more information.