County supports review of sentencing guides for significant crimes

County coun­cillors here have support­ed a resolution to have the pro­vin­cial government review sen­tencing guidelines for judges.

Council ratified on Feb. 26 a recommendation from its Police Services Board to sup­port a resolution from the West Perth Police Services Board concerning the level of sen­ten­cing at the Ontario court of Justice.

June Demerling, the chair­man of the West Perth Police Services Board, sent the board’s re­quest to Attorney General Chris Bentley and to all other police associations for support.

She explained to Bentley why police officers are frus­trated.

“At the regular PSB meet­ing on Jan. 14, Inspector Mark Andrews gave an example of the frustration facing officers,” Demerling wrote. “A Perth County resident was charged by police with trafficking crys­tal methamphetamine; the per­son had 18 grams of the drug, baggies and scales.”

Demerling then stated, “His attorney made the argument that a rock star in California would have that amount for per­sonal use. The court agreed and he was not charged with trafficking.”

Demerling wrote, “You can imagine how frustrating this is for everyone except the person facing charges.”

Council was unanimous in accepting the county Police Services Board minutes, and thus supported the North Perth resolution.