County agrees to extend 70km/h zone at eastern entrance to Palmerston

GUELPH – County council has agreed to an extension of the 70 kilometre per hour zone on Wellington Road 123 east of Palmerston.

A staff report from engineer Don Kudo states a review determined the 50km/h speed limit sign should be relocated an additional 50 metres east from its current location, away from a cluster of signs.

In addition, a TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) posted speed limit review was completed showing an extension of the existing 70km/h zone to a point 550m east of Wellington Road 5 (Toronto Street) is warranted. The changes require a revision to the current consolidated speed limit bylaw, the report notes.

“I do drive into Palmerston periodically and have noticed quite a few changes to the community, particularly on that side, so I’m glad we are able to support making some changes there to help with traffic control,” councillor Andy Lennox, who chairs the county’s roads committee, told council on Oct. 31.

Minto Mayor George Bridge pointed out the change was prompted in part by expansion at the TG Minto automotive plant located at the intersection of Main Street (Wellington Road 123) and Toronto Street.

“As you know TG Minto has put a $4.9-million operational addition onto the side of their building and they’re going to be building vehicles for the Alliston (Honda) plant so a lot of the stuff, we anticipate, is going to mean trucks coming down the road,” Bridge explained.

Council approved a roads committee recommendation to revise the consolidated speed limit bylaw and signage on Wellington Road 123 as recommended in the staff report.