Council can’t act on request for permanent four-way stop

MINTO – Town council declined to act on a Clifford resident’s suggestion to create a permanent four-way stop at the south end of the village.

Jim Measures, who lives at the corner of Highway 9 and Park Street in Clifford, wrote to council requesting that a temporary four-way stop at the corner, set up as a short-term effort to slow traffic during construction, be made permanent.

In a letter received by council at the Nov. 5 meeting, Measures cited several reasons, “all related to safety,” for the request.

“It serves to slow down traffic passing through the village,” stated Measures.

“Admittedly few cars actually come to a full stop, but almost 100 per cent of them slow down. We have on occasion seen cars going through Clifford as though the driver thought that he/she was on the 401 highway.”

Measures also contends the stop allows safer left hand turns.

“We are particularly concerned that tanker trucks carrying liquefied natural gas daily make the turn from the Drew road to go up through Clifford,” he stated.

“If a speeder should hit one of these, the resulting explosion could be devastating, not to mention possibly taking out our house, and perhaps us with it.”

Measures also noted Park Street and Mill Street are part of a popular walking route used by many local residents and the four-way stop allows for safer crossing of the highway.

“Like many seniors, Rita and I walk daily and often cross the highway at this intersection,” he stated.

“We are joined by young parents walking their children and dog walkers from all over Clifford.”

Councillor Judy Dirksen suggested the letter be referred to staff for a report.

However, Mayor George Bridge noted the issue had already been discussed recently by the town’s department heads.

“It’s pretty straightforward. We can’t do it,” said Bridge.

Roads and drainage manager Mike McIsaac explained, “In order to keep a four-way stop there, it would be an improper use of a four-way stop.

“The traffic doesn’t warrant this use; and it would need to be approved by the MTO if it was to stay.”

McIsaac added he would bring a report back to council if desired.

“I think that makes the answer public,” Dirksen replied.

Bridge said the town could consider placing one of its mobile speed warning signs near the intersection when the temporary four-way stop is taken down as a means to calm traffic in the area.