Council approves site servicing plan for Harriston townhouse development

The municipality has arrived at a site servicing agreement with a developer planning to construct four semi-detached residential units at the south end of Elora Street in Harriston.

In a report at the May 8 council meeting, CAO Bill White explained that when Elora Street was reconstructed in 2015 it was confirmed the subject lot, just north of the intersection with Lorne Street, had access to water and sewer laterals.

“The form of development the new owner’s propose …  requires more connections than are currently available,” White explained in his report.

The servicing agreement, which Wellington County has also approved, specifies owner Galaxy Construction Group:

– is responsible for severance or other planning applications and approvals that are needed for the development to proceed;

– has approved the engineering drawing prepared for the three new water and sewer connections; and

– will provide a $10,000 deposit so the town can tender the work, estimated at up to $76,250.

White explained that once a tender price is obtained the owner will decide whether to proceed with the project and provide security to cover the tendered price for the work. If the tendered amount is too high and Galaxy chooses not to proceed, the town can deduct its expenses from the $10,000 deposit already received.

White said the use of a servicing agreement is recommended because of recent roadwork done in this location and “the need to maintain high construction standards” on the county road.

 “This is one way of connecting to sewer and water services in town. There’s lots of ways that it’s been done over time. We’re going to come back with a policy for you to consider next meeting that would standardize it,” White told council.

Mayor George Bridge said he was pleased the current owners opted for a larger development.

“I think it’s just a good density thing. Before we were only going to end up with one unit, a duplex. We’re getting another duplex and we certainly need that type of housing,” Bridge stated.

Council received the report and passed a bylaw authorizing the servicing agreement.