Council aids black heritage festival

Council has pledged $1,000 for the Traditional Music Festival in Glen Allan next weekend, and has expressed interest in making future festivals bigger and better.

The festival, which runs on July 11 from 1 to 4pm at Glen Allan Park, will honour the area’s early black settlers, many of whom were former slaves from the United States.

Mayor John Green last week told council organizers are looking for help to cover the budget for this year. The event is also supported by the township and county historical societies.

Green would like to form a committee in future years – including members from the societies and even local service clubs – to make the event even bigger.

He suggested $1,500 from the township’s annual donations pot be set aside.

Councillor Mike Downey asked what the donation would cover and Green said it is mainly to pay performers. There was mention world re­nowned blues singer Diana Braithwaite, whose family apparently has a connection  to the area, may perform.

Councillor Jim Curry suggested running electricity into the park for events there. Green said that would not be difficult.

Downey suggested a donation of $1,000 and it was unanimously approved. Councillor Bruce Whale was absent.