An article about HIV/AIDS activist Anne-Marie Zajdlik in the Feb. 12 Inside Wellington section contained several errors.

The Tšepong HIV/AIDS clinic in Lesotho, Africa was established by the Lesotho Ministry of Health in 2004. The funds raised through the Bracelet of Hope campaign started by Zajdlik went to assist efforts there, but Zajdlik herself was not responsible for opening the clinic.

OHAfrica, a Canadian registered charity founded by the Ontario Hospital Association, has contributed over $4-million and has recruited 45 Canadian healthcare professionals to serve at the clinic, including Zajdlik. Most of the funding has come from The Change Foundation and Greystone Health Trust. 

Also, the Ministry of Health in Lesotho will in March assume administrative responsibility of the clinic – not build another clinic, as identified in the story.

The Advertiser apologizes for the errors.