Early last Monday morning, as I was getting in the car to head to work, my three favourite neighbours, the cutest kids in town, yelled across the street in unison, “Happy birthday, Kelly!” Adorable.

What was the point?

It seems like everyone is going camping these days – people at work, friends of friends and far away relatives enjoying a few days roughing it.


A long-standing mystery for me has recently been solved. I understand why people love gardening. I get it now. I truly do. It’s so simple that I cannot believe I’ve missed it all this time, when the answers were growing around me all along. Gardening is its own reward.

We will do better: A message from the editor

As journalists, we are tasked with many vital responsibilities, perhaps none as important as calling out injustice on behalf of those who do not have a voice or those whose voices have for centuries been ignored - or maimed or killed into silence - by those in power.