When the Carpenter and I first arrived in Wellington County 21 years ago, we settled in Fergus. The only thing we knew about that town was that it was home to the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games. That event was famous. 

Health and safety

Much of the phrase “health and safety” is made in the workplace but we think it is time homes and families adopt a clearer view of what it means to be safe and healthy. Families are immensely impacted when safety takes a backseat to fun.

Open Mind: Conquering social phobia

I grew up in a tight-knit small town where everyone knew one another well, so I never really had to think of making new friends until I moved to a larger town and had to face high school. 

Move on with hospice

Although the brakes were put on last week when Centre Wellington council failed to pass a motion supporting the new hospice project at Wellington Place, all is not lost.

Free labour

“Trustees still deadlocked on requiring police checks for volunteers” was a headline that caught our eye a few weeks back.