Bulmer: nothing secret about meeting

Two Puslinch councillors say they had no idea township staff met every month to discuss development and planning issues – and that seemed to baffle the rest of council.

Councillor Dick Visser said last week he was “incensed” upon learning that staff met every month for “Puslinch de­velopment review” meetings.

He even went as far to call the staff committee “illegal” because it was never formed by  a resolution of council, and wondered why it was hosting “secret” meetings that were closed to councillors and the public.

Clerk Brenda Law explained the meetings are held to ensure staff members are kept informed and everyone is “on the same page.” She added councillors can attend the meetings any time they want.

Councillor Susan Fielding said she also was unaware of the committee, but councillor Ma­tthew Bulmer said he doesn’t understand how that could be the case.

“I’ve known about this since my first term on council,” Bulmer said.

He said the meetings are certainly not “secret,” but mem­bers of the public are generally not invited to staff meetings. He added he sees nothing wrong with the meeting format.

“I’m not so comfortable sticking my finger so deep into the pie that I try to take over their jobs,” Bulmer said of staff members.

Councillor Don McKay con­firmed that he, too, is familiar with the monthly meetings of staff, and he said he has no problem with the format.