Around and about

A couple of weeks or so just past a longtime friend of mine, once again, came up to see me.

Neither he nor I had anything in particular on our mind, so we calm, cool and collectedly decided to go for a drive. The windup of spring, just at first-cut haying time, is the ideal time to crisscross the countryside just to nose about a little and see the country at its best, as well as snoop to see what everybody is, or is not, doing.

We had circled once east and circled once west, so this time we circled south. As we were late getting started, the first thing we did was stop off for lunch and the usual washroom visit. On a hot day a cool restaurant is the wrong thing to do, as we immediately felt more like a noonday snooze than eating. Over lunch we discussed, among other things, where we could possibly go. I suggested one, he suggested another, so off we went.

The first was my suggestion, a place called Mini Acres. I had first heard about it through the grapevine. I was told that they had a pair of great Pyrenees and sometimes had puppies for sale. Though I had seen only a couple of this breed all through my lifetime, they now attracted my interest and here is why.

Great Pyrenees mountain dogs are a beautiful, large breed, of gentle giants, known for their strong build, thick coat and steady temperament. They are well known for their hidden ability as guard dogs with sheep and goats, as no coyote will tangle with a creature of this size. Groundhogs and racoons seem also to respect their territory.

Here at Westwind, with an ever-growing number of Boer goats out on pasture, and they, being faithful guard dogs, with an even temperament, is what attracted my thinking to go have a peek.

We found the place, a beautiful log house, with a large spring water pond, but the owner happened to be away on that particular day. We did not go through any closed gates, as their respect is necessary when you know not what is on the other side. But we did see, and petted, mom and dad great Pyrenees, as well as one of their pups about a half-year-old. What friendly animals they were! They were in the paddock where a couple of miniature horses, smaller than they, clip-clopped about.

In addition to that, a great assortment of African geese, ducks, guinea hens, and multiple bantam breeds shared the space, running free around the buildings and pond. In one of the outbuildings, we could hear the snorting of pigs, which we later learned are a new breed of half-sized pig just recently imported, which originally stem from New Zealand. Interesting, don’t you think? For the small-acreage farmer they could well be a source of free-range pork.

From there, we headed to choice two, which took us across Highway 89 to Conn. There, snuggled within the bulk of its centre, is a neat little fresh produce and home baking store, which is tagged with the intriguing name of Misty Meadows Country Market. Wow! What a neat little surprise it has turned out to be! If you haven’t been there, I’m sorry to tell you, that you just haven’t been! Get off of your duff and go have a look-see!

Added this year, in a cute little outbuilding, is a drive-by ice cream stand where they serve large mug-size cups of soft ice cream. Let me tell you what a treat that is, and what I am not going to tell you is who pigged out on one of those. And I’m also not going to tell you who pigged out on a second one. 

But I will tell you that I and my friend needed no supper when we got home.

Take care, ‘because we care.




Barrie Hopkins