Archives Awareness Week is April 7 to 13

Many have probably heard of archives but never really knew what the word meant.

Archives are institutions that contain historical records (diaries, letters, maps, photo­graphs).  Archivists are trained professionals who select, main­tain, describe, and assist the public in locating archival rec­ords in their care. Along with other archives in Ontario, the Wellington County Museum and Archives wants to help people recognize and appreci­ate all of those historical pieces.

In recognition of the contri­butions made by archives, the Archives Association of Ontario is proclaiming April 7 to 13, as Archives Awareness Week.  The week provides the public with an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the ac­complishments of archives in local communities throughout the province.

Is someone looking for his­torical information to complete a school project? Has someone ever wondered who used to live in a house, and when it was built? Has anyone always wanted to research his family’s history? Students, historians and genealogists visit the Well­ington County Archives to re­search these and many other questions.

The county archives has developed a number of internet research tools to assist the public with its projects. The Virtual History Book gives access to 16,000 pages of the Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Histories for the entire county.   The online research tool is a con­sultation device which gives the public access to the artifact and archival collections.

The database describes the museum’s collection of arti­facts and archival records re­flecting the history of the peo­ple, places, and organizations of Wellington County. Signi­fi­cant artifact collections include textiles, agricultural imple­ments, furniture and household wares. Archival records include photographs, maps, corres­pondence, diaries, assessment rolls, voters lists, Newspapers and minutes.

The internet resource is searchable using an individu­al’s or organization’s name, place of residence, type of artifact.  

The current archives storage area has reached its capacity.  Wellington County council has approved the construction of a new archives building which will open in 2009.

For more information in the Wellington County Archives call 519-846-0916 ext. 25  or go to