Addition of lofts may be sticking point

Cityview Homes vice-president Evan Shear is hoping a new design will help sell the remaining 13 units in the Meadows of Aber­foyle residential development.

But due to concerns ex­pressed by council, the company may have to hold an information meeting before adding a loft at the front of the homes for an additional bedroom.

“I have a real problem with saying one thing at a public meeting and then doing something totally different,” councillor Dick Visser said on Aug.5.

Chief Building Official Dave Thompson explained that Cityview told those at the original public meeting the homes would be just one storey, but a loft qualifies as a second storey under the Building Code.

Councillor Don McKay said he shares Visser’s concerns, but he is most worried about oth­er homeowners in the subdivision complaining they were not offered a loft.

Since there are just 13 homes left to be built – 40 are already built and sold, while two are built but remain unsold – McKay suggested keeping the plans the same.

Shear told council the change was brought on by “brutal” sales in the development recently – just seven or eight sold at “a discounted rate” over the last two years.

Bruce Donaldson, who represents Cityview, said neither the height nor the square foot­age of the buildings would increase by adding the lofts. As such, councillor Matthew Bul­mer said he does not have an issue with the change.

“Any extra room in a house can be made into a bedroom,” Bulmer said. “[Cityview is] complying with the zoning and not interfering with the neighbours.”

Mayor Brad Whitcombe said some neighbours have asked about the lofts, and he also does not like the idea of swaying from what was said at a public meeting. He asked if it would be possible to have a meeting with nearby residents that council could also attend.

Donaldson said he would try his best to fulfill the request.