$5,000 deposit for new home grading

ERIN – The Town of Erin plans to crack down on builders that do not complete exterior landscaping in accordance with building permits, imposing a $5,000 deposit.

In a report to council on April 16, chief building official Paul Evans said a requirement for new homes and major additions to have a survey done by an Ontario land surveyor was not always enforced prior to 2017.

“There  have been a number of developments that may or may not have been constructed in a positive manner,” said Evans. “Staff have received numerous enquiries and heard concerns and complaints from property owners regarding the state of their properties.”

He said even with a survey, “there is no procedure in place to ensure that a homeowner, contractor, developer or builder completes the site works in accordance with the reviewed survey.”

Evans said completion of exterior grading is not legally enforceable under the building code, except in subdivision agreements.

“The requirement of providing a deposit should compel the builder to construct as per the approved documents,” said Evans.

Council approved the $5,000 refundable deposit, along with a $500 inspection fee. Builders are to complete the grading and seeding or sodding of the property within 12 months of the final building inspection.

They must provide a final grading certificate from a land surveyor or professional engineer when applying to get their deposit returned.