Work progressing at Wellington Place

ABOYNE – The temperatures might be dropping, but things are heating up at Wellington Place, as construction work continues shaping the community’s future.

“The project has been going very well, and work will continue on grading and topsoil as well as electrical and street lighting from now until mid-December,” said Wellington Place Museum and Archives administrator Janice Hindley.

She noted improvements to Streets A and C have been completed; the new Street B has been completed and the storm water management ponds at the site have also been completed.

Additional landscaping will be completed in the spring along the trail.

Weather constraints

Hindley noted that due to weather constraints the concrete sidewalk installation, the asphalt pathways and the final surface layer of asphalt on the roads will be left until next spring.

The Colborne Street access to Wellington Place will remain closed until all construction has been completed.

The roundabout will be closed as will the new Street B, which enters Wellington Place from Beatty Line in Fergus.

Access to Wellington Place, the Terrace, the Health unit, etc. from Wellington Road 18 will remain open.