Wellington Road 86 down to one lane until fall

MAPLETON – A section of Wellington Road 86 here will be down to one lane until fall due to a construction project.

The County of Wellington has contracted Steed and Evans Limited of Heidelburg for road base recycling and paving of Wellington Road 86 from Wellington Road 11 to Perth County Road 131 (Mapleton Sideroad 6).

The work also includes rehabilitation of the bridge between Wellington Road 10 and Perth County Road 131.

Starting June 15, Wellington Road 86 will be reduced to one lane across the bridge for the start of the rehab.

This lane restriction will remain in place until the end of September.

Work on other sections of the road will begin in August, to be completed at the end of September.

“A road closure is not anticipated, but traffic delays will be encountered due to the one lane restriction,” states Wellington County construction manager Joe deKoning.